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When and where is the Monkerai B&S Ball held?

Monkerai 2 Day B&S Ball is Always the last weekend of August.

We are located at Riverwood Downs 311 Upper Monkerai Road, Monkerai NSW 2415.

If you’re following a GPS, keep in mind not all systems recognise our local roads correctly. 

What is the dress code? Can I wear fancy dress or denim?

No denim, and no joggers or skate shoes. The dress code is country black tie or fancy dress only. Basically, you have to make some sort of effort. Head to your local Op Shop they are a great place to get a cheap smashingly sexy outfit!!  If you’ve opted for fancy dress, the more outrageous the better.

Don’t forget your cow onesie for Friday night’s Guinness Book of Records attempt for the most adults dressed as cows.

What do I get with my ticket?

For the 2-night ticket receive 

  • Collectible Ear tag, Cup, Bumper Sticker, Cap and Lanyard (for the first 1000 tickets sold)

  • 20 Drink tickets, Free swag camping in car park, Hot showers, ute show & entertainment

  • 12hrs of entertainment over two days from great country bands.

  • Bands Friday night till midnight -- Saturday night to 2:30 am

  • Saturday dinner (hot roast beef & gravy rolls)

  • Sunday pancake breakfast and Breatherizer (not a legal reading)

  • 🤪 Bulk examples of adult immaturity, memories and Friendship that will last a lifetime, and probably a few sights you wish you could forget.

How much are the tickets?

Click Here for Ticket pricing.

There Is a limited number of Saturday night tickets for sale online.

Tickets may be available for sale at the gate - depending on our online presold tickets.

If you purchase the Saturday ticket and decide to come the Friday then pay the $100 amount at the gate.

The Friday night warm-up party is only available to patrons attending the Saturday B&S Ball.

What merchandise is available? What is the size range?

The 2023 Collectable Jumper is $80, and 2023 Singlet is $30.  2024 Merchandise $$ TBA

Both can be pre-paid, or bought at the gate. Both the rugby jumper and the singlet are available in XSmall to 5XL.

Collectible merchandise is limited so it’s a good idea to pre-pay to make sure your correct size is reserved for you.

There will also be a merchandise stall in the ball ground selling a range of Monkerai Merchandise T-shirts, stubby coolers, stickers, thongs, Ute Fags and other bits and bobs. NEW Monkerai beach towels 

How do I buy tickets and merchandise? You can purchase pre-paid tickets and merchandise online or at the gate on the day. If you pre-pay make sure you bring a printed copy of your ticket with you on the day.

Can we have a campfire?

Yes, you are welcome to have a campfire. There is firewood for sale, or you can bring your own. 

Will there be cash-out and credit card facilities on site?

No, EFTPOS, cash out and credit card facilities are NOT available on site.

Make sure you bring enough cash with you for the weekend.

Can we bring BYO alcohol into the camping area?

NO GLASS is allowed

BYO is fine in the camping grounds, but can’t be taken into the ball ground.

Remember RSA Rules apply holding a drink ticket does not entitle you to a drink if you are deemed intoxicated by bar staff or RSA marshals.

What restrictions are there?

NO GLASS, NO DRUGS, NO FOOD DYE, NO AGRO, no unregistered vehicles, and NO CIRCLE WORK.

If you bring in any lounges, large furniture, or items that we deem likely to be left behind to add to our clean-up bill, you’ll need to leave a bond in the form of either a pre-authorisation on a credit card, $100 cash, your first-born child or your soul.

This bond is refunded to you after the B&S if you have taken these items with you when you leave.

What are the times for the weekend?

Friday Night Warm Up Party – gates open at 2pm, with live bands and bar from 8pm until midnight.

Friday gates close at 12am.

Saturday B&S Ball - Property gates open at 10am

Bar from 7.30 pm

Live Bands till 2.30am.

Do I have to pay for my drinks at the bar?

Drink tickets are included in the event price on both nights, in the form of a punch card on a lanyard.

To collect a drink at the bar present your card to the bar staff for validation. You can buy more drink cards from the drink bar area.  

Friday between 8pm and 11.00 pm, and on Saturday between 12 noon and 11.00 pm. Remember to pace yourself, holding a drink ticket does not entitle you to a drink if you are deemed intoxicated by bar staff or RSA marshals.

How do I change the name on a ticket?

Whether you’ve accidentally booked all of your mate’s tickets in your own name, or you’ve sold your ticket to someone else,

then go to (which is the site you purchased the tickets from) Login into your account details and change name there.

There is a chat screen that helps you through it. 

Is breath testing available?

Yes, breath testing is available on Sunday morning for a gold coin donation.

Remember; there are only two roads out and the police know both of them. Don’t risk it.

Don’t move your vehicle until you know you are safe to drive.

This service is provided by the Monkerai BnS.  Readings are NOT LEGAL but are to be used as a guide.

I’ve never been to a B&S before, what should I know?
Most importantly, TELL EVERYONE** that this is your first time.

The correct terminology is: “I’m a B&S virgin.” They will shower you with… ahem… love and support.🤪

Is there a booking fee?

Outix have a fee they put onto the ticket price.

Will this event go ahead due to COVID-19? 

We are continually monitoring the situation and we will be guided by and act on advice given by the Government for the safety of attendees, service providers, entertainers, volunteers and the community in general.


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